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Turnkey Solutions

In the past few years ADI has broadened its vast array of services, crossing the borderline of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals trading and supply, to fully fledged healthcare solutions and extensive healthcare projects consulting, design, development, execution and upgrade.

ADI today is engaged in giant projects across the UAE and GCC in the healthcare field. Our contracts are characterized by the true literal meaning of a “Turnkey-Solution”, as ADI nowadays has a dedicated department to totally develop fully-functional healthcare centers and extensive hospitals in an unprecedented timely manner and at the highest quality and professional standards. Such complex projects are accomplished by our Turnkey Solutions Department (TKSD) that house an elite group of personnel from structural & civil engineers, architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers to expert medical consultants specialized in healthcare institutions design, development and contracting staff.

Second, we make use of what we have been doing best since our inauguration, supply and installation of all medical equipment and training the client’s staff on usage, handling, operation and basic maintenance. The third phase which is an essential part of the process, involves upgrades, maintenance and systems updates.  Consequently, converting a building to a hospital is what we proficiently do for both private and public sectors.

Healthcare Equipment Provision

ADI is well known across the UAE and GCC as a primary medical equipment provider and a major healthcare products supplier. Since its early inauguration the firm’s ever-growing portfolio of medical and pharmaceutical products has placed ADI as a landmark on the worldwide healthcare map.

Our products cater to the needs of the healthcare system – to support patients across their healthcare journey. We offer products and solutions that are used across the care continuum from diagnosis and management all the way to treatment.

International Aid

Government entities and foundations confidence and trust in ADI has led us to engage in International Health Aid Programs. We rank an on top of the list of firms fit to supply, handle and distribute International Medical Support Campaigns initiated by numerous charitable organizations such as: Khalifah Foundation, Zayed Foundation, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Dubai Cares, and other humanitarian and charity foundations.

Recently, we were assigned to undertake several humanitarian missions for health ailing countries and to nations that witnessed natural disasters.