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Our achievements

Our commitment and professional approach during the last decade has ascended ADI to higher project levels and increased the hands-on involvement in superior and more advanced projects, consequently placing ADI as a distinguishable landmark on the healthcare map worldwide.

From a monetary point of view, ADI investments hyped by over 500% since its inception, our staff members increased by 300% from management to medical consultants and all the way to financial coordinators, government liaison officers, researchers, sales representatives, customer support, technicians, trainers, engineers, supervisors, clerks and workers.

Our products count has multiplied as well, ADI now has allocated 10 specialized sales departments where each handles over 50 or more products from worldwide suppliers, from multimillion dollar imaging machinery all the way down to wound care liquids. During this process we expanded our warehouses in Abu Dhabi quadruple times  within the past 5 years, and moved half of our staff to Dubai, and currently in the process of acquiring a whole new building to house our staff more comfortably and distribute departments by floors rather than by offices and cubicles.

As a result, our client base sky rocketed in both private and public sectors, and now we handle various new categories of clients, both regional and international.

Finally, ADI established several dedicated companies to handle special long-term projects as well as other achievements. For example, In 2016, “Unison” was a long-term project with the Ministry of Health and prevention (MOHAP) in the United Arab Emirates. Today “Unison Capital Investments” has become a stand-alone firm with over 300 employees, handling hundreds of millions of Dirhams and dedicated to supply and manage imaging and radiology departments of more than 16 hospitals & medical centers in the UAE.

Having reached this business altitude, ADI today has become one of the major consultants for the UAE governmental departments and officials.