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Letter from the Management

Abu Dhabi International Medical Services (ADI) has been a pioneer in the healthcare sector in offering professional healthcare solutions and project management services to the most prominent healthcare entities in the GCC & MENA regions.

In the beginning it was an adaptation process and follow up of technology to meet requirements, today ADI has taken a different approach and an improvised route; by creating the opportunity and shifting from traditional methods to innovative strategic initiatives in the healthcare field.

All our efforts are exerted to achieve long term partnerships with both our suppliers and clients, to study, research and acquire state of the art technologies and medical breakthroughs of our suppliers and as a result provide, deploy and maintain these for our clients, both in public and private sectors.

ADI has proudly evolved from a supplier to a turnkey solutions contributor, merging  and delivering both worlds to our clients, where our Healthcare clients seek to deliver the utmost care for their patients, accordingly we stand strong and high as a sturdy steadfast pillar in national Healthcare structure.

Our determination and ambition do not stop here, on the contrary, as a cornerstone in Healthcare , we set the  mandates, anticipate and believe in  competing for the greater good and wellbeing of the individual. As we believe a healthy individual maintains a healthy nation from a global point of view.

Last but not least,  we are very proud of our advancement and in our beliefs, as we tend to educate the Healthcare market, we strive as leaders for others to follow and attempt to keep up the pace with our continuous success.

Finally, our ongoing struggle to advance ADI further as one of the top healthcare solutions providers in the Middle East, our plans are not limited to the UAE only, but goes way further where we  are currently in the process of expanding away towards the Far East and upgrade our services in the Gulf Region, Middle East and North Africa.