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ADI’s versatile and broad range of healthcare products are both extensive and comprehensive. ADI’s aim has always been to maintain a widespread portfolio of medical equipment and supplies that are continuously required by all sectors of medical institutions.

Consequently, dealing with a fluctuating demand requires a steady supply which is a routine task we perform on a daily basis. But the real challenge is in research and development, coping with current technologies, investigating medical breakthroughs, exploring new horizons in healthcare, studying new solutions and innovations, and accordingly pursuing appropriate methods and technique to deploy novel products.

We offer a broad selection of high-end medical imaging equipment for you and your patients. Our products range from the latest technology of MRI, CT, Cathlab, Xray, Mammography and C-arms. All of our imaging equipment are technologically advanced in order to support in enhancing clinical diagnosis.
ADI understand on how costly it is to take care of your loved ones for critical illnesses and thus, we work towards offering a cost-effective alternative through providing critical illness products. Our life & critical care department ensures that you and your loved ones are well covered.
With safe healthcare being our top priority, ADI’s functions at its optimal level to provide medical gases for use during clinical applications and for enhancing patient ventilation. Our medical gas ranges from gases used to run medical diagnosis devices, patient-care medical gases, surgeries and for use during imaging.
Our department works to ensure that each medical instrument; both sterile and non sterile for use at all healthcare units are at the right place, well stored and distributed. This eases the time used to treat patients and ensures that they are attended to in clean, disinfected medical equipment.
With our high edge Turnkey/turnkey solutions Department, ADI will identify your needs as related to your healthcare project and work towards transferring our expertise to your organization. Our top priority is to ensure that your project functions efficiently towards patient safety, management and quality delivery of healthcare services.
We offer a wide range of operation theatre equipment for healthcare organizations. ADI’s equipment are exceptional with main focus been on efficiency, reliability and safety. We also customize operation theatres to create a conducive environment for surgeons and other physicians during operations.
Wound care calls for effective treatment products depending on the type of wound and where it is located at in the body. Wound healing has now been made easy with our innovative wound management products which are user friendly and cost effective.
ADI looks forward towards advancing future medicines by providing you with modern medicines for treatment as well as prevention of diseases all under WHO regulations. All our pharmaceutical products are manufactured ensuring safety, quality, efficacy and affordability of each drug product.
With just a press of a button, your patients can easily reach out to any nurse for assistance while in the wards or a residential home. It is easy to use and one can never miss a call! Not only do we install nurse care systems but also offer maintenance services all round the clock!
With affordable pricing and high quality, we design and supply a range of mortuary equipment that meet your needs. We take pride in commissioning and installing refrigerated and cold unit equipment, lifters and mortuary racking services.