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Our objectives & Values


ADI  employees comply with the company’s ethics policy, code of conduct and local laws and regulations. We respect the privacy of employees and clients, partners, and vendors and we maintain this network with utmost transparency and honesty.


We work together with our healthcare clients to understand and assess their needs and develop customized programs with our suppliers to reach optimum solutions for our clients.


We have deeply invested in the global medical supply chain. Our standards are a result of our ability to deliver superior solutions to our clients. We strive to constantly improve our processes and rise to any challenge presented in a protocol or in the healthcare field.


Our goal is to provide a robust supply chain to ensure success. We work with our suppliers to develop innovative solutions and optimize the processes for solutions that are absent in the marketplace today. We strive to exceed goals in every engagement and task we work on and build flexible programs to insure our trustworthiness towards our clients.


We strive to create an open channel of communication with our partners, both clients and suppliers, at each milestone in the project process flow. Information is the most valuable tool in any system, and our programs are designed to keep our clients and suppliers informed and at every possible opportunity.


We constantly work on creating new  strategies based on the input of cross-functional teams. We leverage the combined experience and expertise of our teams to create action plans that meet the changing global environment. Our programs are designed to ensure open communication and collaboration within our company and with our suppliers, clients and partners.


We believe that there is no success without trust, where trust is a unique solid bond between us and our suppliers, clients and partners simultaneously and in all possible directions. We have gained our reputation from the transparency in transactions and devotion to quality in every step we have undertaken, thus we promise to maintain this never- ending attachment based on confidence and good faith.

Social Responsibility

ADI believes that we are all an integral part of the global community. Social responsibility behavior insures a long-term relationship with our clients, employees, partners, and our community, that is  essential for the greater good, welfare, business sustainability and growth.

Our corporate culture demands that we act responsibly, comply in fully with all applicable ethics, policies, regulations and regulatory guidelines to ensure that business is  conducted fairly and responsibly.