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We aspire to be leaders in our industry based on consistent quality and execution, operational excellence, exceptional customer service and constant innovation in technology and process. Furthermore, we place strong emphasis on market research that keeps us abreast with the latest trends in the market. This helps us to excel in our field giving us that cutting edge advantage that many strive for.


We place strong emphasis on motivation and rewarding our employees for their hard work.


Core Values

ADI operates in accordance with the highest international standards while dealing with customers, suppliers and its communities. Our employees are the core pillars of our success and the most valuable asset. We believe in each individual’s capability to learn and excel in their respective area of specialization. Our company’s work ethics encourages innovation and diligence amongst all staff enabling them to openly express their views.

At ADI, our employees bring not only a multicultural experience but also multi-disciplinary expertise. We place strong emphasis on motivation and rewarding our employees for their hard work. In addition, we invest in our own infrastructure, which has helped us in being listed amongst the elite in the healthcare industry.

Our main objective is to help the region and surrounding countries build and maintain a state-of-the-art healthcare system, which operates in the most efficient manner. This objective defines our goal, which is to provide our communities with the most advanced and effective healthcare solutions in the world.

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