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Ittihad International Investment is a private holding and multi-disciplinary conglomerate, engaged in a wide spectrum of economic activities. Established in 2008, Ittihad group governs several prestigious companies in the Middle East and is strategically focused on achieving significant growth within its existing portfolio. Maintaining a focused approach towards Greenfield projects, Ittihad exercises comprehensive corporate governance guidelines in every sphere of its investment ventures.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, Ittihad has succeeded in enhancing its competitive positioning through a well-defined and integrated approach towards lucrative investment decisions. Ittihad‘s strategic partnerships with global business leaders in multiple sectors have led to the effective creation of prolific new ventures with primary focus on the MENA region and emerging markets.


Ittihad’s business strategy is establishing and operating economically diversified portfolios, either independently or in collaboration with other leading companies.

Ittihad’s business strategy aims at establishing and operating economically diversified portfolios, either independently or in collaboration with leading companies. Ittihad offers its subsidiaries a high degree of functional autonomy. This in turn provides all subsidiaries with a large measure of flexibility, bandwidth and a focused approach. Ittihad’s core team of multinational professionals are drawn from varied disciplines to ensure the highest levels of professionalism in the services we render. Today, the group is empowered with approximately 7000 employees who share a common outlook and belief.

We attribute Ittihad’s commercial success to our well structured quality systems, outstanding HSE procedures, and effective manufacturing and business processes. With strong conviction and collective pursuit of excellence, Ittihad is ideally positioned to leverage its strength, and command consistent superiority in the corporate fraternity that encircles it. While Ittihad persists to spearhead its investments in diversified sectors, the group will continue setting new standards in growth, profitability and social commitments

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